Some fun
Morgan polling on preferred state leaders – particularly in Victoria: “Nearly four times as many voters
think Steve Bracks (67%) would make a better Premier than Robert Doyle (18%)”,
Morgan finds:
“Eighty-seven percent of ALP supporters think Mr Bracks is the better Premier
as do 42% of Liberal-National Party supporters, while only 41% of L-NP
supporters say Mr Doyle – 17% couldn’t say.”

Poor old
Doyle can’t take a trick. The punters think other members of his team could do
a better job – and a certain spectral figure seems wasted simply running the Hawthorn Football Club:

Only 13% of Victorian voters and 13% of Liberal
supporters would prefer Mr Doyle to lead the Liberal Party at the State
election. A substantial 38% of voters would prefer former Victorian Premier
Jeff Kennett to lead the Liberals – this figure increases to 58% amongst L-NP
supporters. Liberal Deputy Leader, Louise Asher is also preferred to Robert
Doyle with 15% of voters preferring her to lead the Liberals at the next State
election. However when Jeff Kennett is removed from consideration, Robert Doyle
is the preferred candidate to lead the Liberals (27%), followed by Louise Asher
(25%) and Ted Baillieu (15%).

Queensland might be falling apart, but all Peter Beattie
needs to do is give that aw-shucks, sh*t-eating grin and say the buck stops
with him:

A large majority of Queensland voters (70%) think Premier Peter
Beattie would make a better Premier than Lawrence Springborg a special Roy
Morgan telephone survey finds. Twenty
percent of voters think Mr Springborg would make a better Premier while 10%
couldn’t say. An overwhelming majority
of ALP supporters (92%) think Mr Beattie is the better Premier. Surprisingly,
more Liberal-National Party supporters think Mr Beattie would be a better Premier
than Mr Springborg (41% cf 39%)…

And there
are some interesting results out of NSW.
Opposition leader Peter Debnam is still attracting a very high undecided rating
– 29%. Morgan finds “only slightly more voters approve (36%) than disapprove
(35%) of the way Mr Debnam is handling his job”.

Gary Morgan
comments: “Surprisingly, more NSW voters would prefer former leader John Brogden
(24%) to lead the Liberal Party at the next State election than current leader
Peter Debnam (21%). Mr Debnam has been Opposition Leader since September 2005.
He should now expect a better result.”