Here’s an interesting advertisement that appeared in the Fundraising Institute news service:

National Fundraiser Wanted

– $80K

The Australian Greens political party are offering an
outstanding, high-profile opportunity for the right fundraiser with a strong
track-record looking for a new challenge. The fundraiser will develop and implement a national
fundraising strategy targeting wealthy individuals and small companies, for the
benefit of our 2007 Federal election campaign.

We are looking for demonstrated success in the following:

• Significant
fundraising campaigns

• Large
fundraising events

• Working
with community-based organisations

• Developing
and managing budgets

• Outstanding
people and networking skills

• Articulate,
well-presented, comfortable in “business settings” with high-net
worth individuals

• High-level
negotiation skills

• High
levels of energy and tenacity

• Commitment
to Green principles or progressive politics

After a three-month probationary period, continued
employment will be strictly contingent on reaching agreed fundraising targets.

Salary: $80,000 pa plus 9% super. Location negotiable. Enquiries and applications: [email protected]

The Greens are very proud of their record in refusing corporate
donations and are the only party that openly criticises them through
their Democracy4sale website. But now some corporate donations will be accepted. What constitutes “small’?

Spending almost $100,000 on a full-time fundraiser who is on a strict
performance contract based on the amount of dollars raised from wealthy
types and “small” companies is a significant change in tack. Tax
deductibility of donations up to $1500 and non-disclosure for $10,000
cheques will certainly make it a lot easier from next month.

Don’t you also love how “business settings” is in quotes. Let’s face
it, the Greens almost seem to be going corporate – although they would
characterise it as just further professionalising their growing
political machine. Even the Liberals don’t pay their chief fundraiser
because Rupert Murdoch’s brother-in-law, John Calvert-Jones is only the
honorary Treasurer of the party.