Joseph Poprzeczny in Perth writes:

Detectives are
investigating the theft of more than 10-kilometers of overhead electricity wire
which runs adjacent the train route south of the city. Because the
stolen overhead copper wire has surfaced in a scap metal yards police believe
they know the identity of the high wire thief.

“The offender
who is described as 30-years of age, 175cm tall and medium build, with short
brown hard and missing front teeth is believe to be driving a white 1986 Holden
VL Commodore sedan,” says a Police wanted report.

Police believe
the value of the wire dismantle from the power posts has reached $85,000,
meaning the thief has certainly found a lucrative source of funds.

Of greater
concern is the fact that removal the overhead wire is putting motorists at risk
because signalling systems controlling boom gates at railroad intersection cannot
function. If a fatality
results in a death the toothless high wire thief may well find himself facing
more than just robbery charges.