the issues of the day with objectivity and insight; our ABC’s 7.30 Report; right? Well… certainly
not on Monday night. The segment on America’s crisis of illegal
migrants was the reality makeover of all time.

to the ABC, eleven thousand charming and hard-working Hispanics ask only for
the basic human right of automatic US citizenship. And why not? every ABC-educated
viewer must ask himself.

Well, could
it be the depression of American wages that their closer to fifteen million presence
has imposed? That the movement for Amnesty
is nurtured by a ruthless big business sector which derives vast profits from
cheap labour, and aims to enhance this in the wake of CAFTA. That far from
doing “only lowly jobs which Americans refuse to do” (as claimed), Hispanics
have pirated some 15% of the labour market causing widespread
American unemployment and under-employment?

Perhaps it
is something to do with the violent gangs, such as S13. Or the political organisation,
La Raza, which openly publicizes its ambition to drive out or kill all non-Hispanics
of the American south-west. Tensions
are exacerbated by the exhaustion of community resources such as schools,
Medicaid and other services which increasingly impoverished American taxpayers
have funded.

The simple
fact is that the democratic majority of Americans do not want Amnesty and they do want more effective restrictions on border crossings; the
strength of this sentiment indicated by the national popularity of the now
legendary Minutemen. The future of America should
be governed by this majority of Americans; this is their country and their
wishes must be respected.

journalists should have identified and recognised all of these elements and not
represented the story as an advert for multiculturalism;
a policy which, too, was imposed on Australians, and which, increasingly, is
opposed by a democratic majority.