After finishing third at the US Masters over the weekend, world no.1 Tiger Woods said in his post-match interview: “As good as I hit it, that’s as bad as I putted and it’s frustrating, because I felt so in control of my ball from tee to green, and once I got on the green I was a spaz.”

Surprisingly, his interesting self-criticism didn’t make it into many of the US papers. Here’s how a few of the world’s best papers reported Tiger’s self-critical putting analysis over the weekend:

“It was frustrating because I felt so in control of my golf ball from tee to green, then when I got on the green, I was a [wreck],” he said. – Los Angeles Times

”If I had putted normal today, I would have given Phil a little bit of a battle,” said Woods, who was trying to become the first player to successfully defend his Masters title twice. – Boston Globe

“I’m probably going to go snap this putter into eight pieces,” Woods said. “As good as I hit it today was as bad as I putted. I putted atrociously.” – New York Times

How very kind of the US media to dance around an inappropriate comment and spare Woods the brouhaha it would inevitably spark. The thin line between reporting and PR might just have got a little thinner.