Ten’s big ending looms. Ten’s
The Biggest Loser is building towards The Biggest Ending. Monday’s episode was
the country’s most watched program with 1.599 million viewers, as eliminated
contestants returned in a one hour episode. Last night it was the second most watched show, averaging 1.421
million. TBL‘s audience is being driven in
quite a professional way, showing that Ten has
recovered from the misjudgements of 2005: X-Factor,
Australian Idol and turning Big Brother into a grubby collection of exploitative
males and females. Ten’s programming ideas are still way in front of
flat-footed Nine and certainly the equal of anything
we’ve seen from Seven. The final “weigh in” will occur on Friday 21 April for an hour, the second last night of
the current non-ratings period. Then a “twist”
will occur on Sunday night at 6.30pm, just before the launch of Big Brother at
7.30pm. Ten is guaranteeing quite an audience for the first night of
the new ratings survey. The launch of
Big Brother 2006 will run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, making it tough for
Nine and Seven. And a two hour
live finale for The Biggest Loser will air on Thursday night. Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV

The Winners Seven – on a night when viewers preferred a mixture of
the recycled, the repeated and the occasional touch of fresh content. Showing
that viewers are still desperate for some prancing, the cobbled together
non-ratings highlights package of Dancing With The Stars averaged 1.645 million
people to be the most watched program. Now that’s around half a million under
the previous week’s fresh competition episode, but an audience like that, for a
re-worked collection of highlights with new links, isn’t to be sneezed at in a
non-ratings period. Ten’s The Biggest Loser averaged 1.421 million with its own
bit of recycling – old contestants back into the competition, many incredibly
trimmer! Seven’s Today Tonight was next with 1.406 million, a repeat of CSI on
Nine attracted 1.404 million, also showing that repeats work a treat. Seven
News was 5th with 1.395 million, a fresh ep of All Saints averaged 1.253
million, Nine News, 1.223 million, A Current Affair, 1.179 million, a repeat of
CSI New York, 1.144 million and Home and Away was 10th with a low (by recent
standards) 1.131 million.
The Losers Losers? Bert down to 503,000 from 564,000 on Monday. Deal or No Deal on Seven up to 898,000 from 841,000 Monday while
Ten News at 5pm fell 100,000 from Monday night to 848,000 viewers.Other losers?
Survivor back over the million mark with 1.086 million. it’s testing viewers
with another appearance tonight. Temptation up to 974,000. On a non-ratings
night, 13 programs were watched by a million or more
News & CA Seven News won, as did Today Tonight. Once again, while
Perth helped Seven and hindered Nine, Seven News and TT won all the other
markets. The 7pm ABC News averaged 1.025 million, well ahead of
The Stats Seven with 29.5% (36.1%), Nine with 27.1% (25.9%), Ten
with 24.5% (20.8%), the ABC with 14.3%(12.8%) and SBS with 4.6% (4.5.%). Seven
won Sydney, Melbourne, Nine won Brisbane, Seven won Adelaide (from Ten and Nine)
and Perth (from Ten and Nine).
Glenn Dyer’s comments Ten did very well last night – on a night that
usually sees it a distant third it was close-up and more competitive. The
recycling on Seven and Nine helped, but Ten did some recycling of its own,
running four god-related episodes of The Simpsons back to back from 7.30pm to
9.30pm and averaging 1.069 million. The highlights version of Dancing helped,
but school holidays are on, or about to start in some states. Tonight there’s the
AFL Footy Show in Melbourne. Nine is running Nightline tonight and delaying the
Footy Show replay in Sydney until midnight. But no Nightline tomorrow night, its
the AFL replay at 11pm straight after the NRL Footy Show. Tonight, Seven claims
it’s showing a fresh episode of Prison Break...but its another highlights
package: more recycling. Green TV executives. What will they think of
next? Ten recycles House but has a new ep of
Thank God You’re Here. That could be renamed the TV programmers