How extraordinary that Çrikey would print only half
the story in relation to the deaths in the US from women who’ve recently had a
medical abortion using RU486. Why overlook the recent Reuters report on FDA’s
finding of no relationship betwween one of the deaths and RU486?

Indeed, the FDA has repeatedly deferred from
speculating on the cause of the deaths: a position that now appears justified in
light of their recent findings. Given the absence of a similar pattern of deaths
in western europe, where millions of women have used RU486 to terminate for over
a decade, it is possible a similar conclusion will be reached about the 5 deaths
the agency is still investigating.

Quoting Tony Abbott’s views on the nature of the
victory with regard to RU486 is like asking the fox his views on the safety
features of the chicken house. Indeed, the Minister’s claim that it is was his
concern about women’s health that motivated his fight to stop a proper safety
evaluation by the TGA is laughable, given his announcement of new “pregnancy
support measures” that wrongly and insulting imply that women who are referred for counseling under the scheme have a mental health problem.

Australia is
not a US satellite, and events in the US should not deter our drug regulator
from getting on with the job of evaluating RU486.