primary vote dropped three percentage points in yesterday’s Newspoll.
It remains ahead on a two party preferred basis, but the suggestion is that the
Greens have taken support from Labor over West Papua, uranium sales to China and uranium mining.

A Morgan Poll out today suggests uranium seems set to become even more of an issue for the ALP. It finds
that 58 per cent of Australians agree with Australia exporting uranium to China under the recently signed nuclear
safeguard agreement. At the same time, there’s still significant
opposition – 39 per cent of Australians are opposed and 35 per cent
are opposed to exporting uranium for peaceful purposes at all.

And the figures remain particularly tight for the ALP. Morgan finds: “With the Labor Party
considering repealing its ‘Three Mines’ policy it is interesting to note that
Labor Party supporters are fairly evenly divided about whether Australia should
develop and export uranium for peaceful purposes with 47 per cent in favour, 44
per cent against and nine per cent unable to say.”