What real business customers think of the upgrades

A veteran traveller writes:

In terms of Costello’s upgrades as someone that’s been travelling
for 40 years (over 200 international flights in the last 6 years) I
long ago gave up on Qantas. When I was travelling with them (business
class) I got so sick of seeing all the so called stars (friends of
Qantas) travelling first or business on economy tickets it was
pathetic. I remember one flight to LA where a group of Oz country and
western singers were in business class (having been upgraded on economy
tickets) getting merry on the free booze and then being given
commiserations by the crew and a famous Australian actor (who had been
successful in getting upped to First) on not being put in First as usual.

The Oz taxpayer is paying for this and I will bet none of the
participants including Costello have declared the benefit for income
tax purposes.

Is Qantas ripping off taxpayers

Given your comments on LA vs Kangaroo route earnings, the chairman’s
club and other goodies you are getting closer to the mark. I suggest
you have a look at the cost of fares from major centres to Canberra –
unless things have changed in recent times u will find them
extraordinarily high compared to other routes – we know the gravy that
MPs and hangers-on get but we don’t know what level of fares the
government pays on their behalf – given that Canberra is almost a
captive market could this be just another way of dipping into the