Kerr writes:

A close run
Are the Costello/Kroger forces losing their grip? Observers were
surprised by the closeness of many of the Victorian Liberal Administrative
Committee election results yesterday.

Crikey hears of at least one Labor branch that’s supported a
resolution challenging the three mines uranium policy. Interestingly, they’re
on the NSW Central Coast. Sandals and joss stick territory –
and also the sort of area that’s gone Liberal over the life of the Howard
Government. Interesting.

We’re not the only ones interested in how the Prime Minister also likes to do
the Governor-General’s job. Peter Fitzsimons had a bit to add in his Sun-Herald
column yesterday. “When introducing John Howard to individual members of an
army band a few years ago, I innocently asked him who, under the Australian
constitution, was effectively the Commander-in-Chief of these soldiers, a la
the American system. His smiling reply, and I remember it exactly, was: ‘It is
the Governor-General, but he does what I tell him’.”

It never
rains, it pours.
Malcolm Turnbull’s water announcement in Darwin last week didn’t just coincide with
floods. Crikey understands his office asked if there could be a representative
of the Territory’s Indigenous population at the presser, only to be told that
they had one on tap – NT Environment Minister Marion Scrymgour.

Recipe of the day. Should you find yourself hankering for a
Persian chicken kebab today, don’t forget they go down best with their traditional accompaniment – the special Iranian “yellow cake” rice, called tah-chin.