Sydney talkback radio’s Alan Jones announced to listeners last week he
would be admitting himself to hospital for minor surgery this week.
Well he did, for some skin grafts on some
melanomas that his doctors had detected, but apparently the procedure
hasn’t gone to plan with Jason Morrison – 2GB resident shift relief
specialist – filling
in for Jones the entire week instead of the couple of days that had

And Jones is likely to be in hospital over
the weekend too, meaning he’ll probably miss Saturday’s Golden Slipper and
possible celebrations afterwards – he’s the part-owner of favourite, Miss Finland.

It’s also been a challenging week for Jones
for other reasons, with former Media Watch host David Marr using a
sedition and defamation law seminar to test new defamation laws
which remove the public interest test. Marr entertained the room by drawing
attention to a personal trait that he claims to share with Jones, saying it was “hardly news”.

Meanwhile, check out these leaked recordings of Jones carrying on when he was at 2UE in the 90s, from Triple-J’s hack