Kerr writes:

Ditch the Joint Strike Fighter and buy the F/A-22 Raptor, Labor’s
defence spokesman is suggesting.
The air defence plot thickens!

like a delegation:
There are industry types who’ll tell you Australia doesn’t even have a proper
broadband service, let alone a proper broadband strategy. But Communications
is reporting an Australian delegation led by Communications
Minister Helen Coonan will approach the European Commission later this year
offering advice on developing regional broadband equity. “I love delegations, I
think they are just fantastic,” it quotes Coonan as saying. Lots of
air-kissing, little else?

Higgins hoo-ha? Is Labor planning to run a gay activist lawyer against
the socially progressive Peter Costello in Higgins at the next election? Can we
wait with gleeful anticipation for some entertaining local reverse wedging in
his educated, inner-suburban electorate?

politics works in Tasmania:
Incoming Bass MHA and defeated former fed Michelle
O’Byrne has been appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier – the job
made up for former Miss Australia Kathryn Hay under the late Jim Bacon after
the 2002 election landslide. Hay quit before the recent poll, her spot on the
ticket was taken by O’Byrne and now the wheel has turned.

Entourage: Former
AFL star Nigel Smart considered running for the Liberals for the
southern Adelaide seat of Kingston at the 2004 poll. It could have
been a good idea. They won it. He had less luck in Norwood, in the
inner-east, at the state
election a fortnight ago. Labor held that well. Recently, there have
reports he may try the federal seat of Hindmarsh, to the city’s west, when the next
federal election rolls around. Which might explain why the poor bloke seemed to
have very few supporters when he turned up to the declaration of the poll in Norwood. He doesn’t stay in one seat long
enough to get a following.

Jail guitar
Forty-something blokes like me who are too close for comfort to Nick
Hornby characters are taking very seriously news from the UK that
anti-terrorism detectives escorted a man from a plane after a taxi driver had
earlier become suspicious when he started singing along to a track by The Clash.
However, there seems to be a safe way to indulge a fondness for punk. Edit a
Tory magazine – like The Spectator.

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