Over the last few days we have had a communist dictatorship – the
historical bete noire of the right – holding sway in Australia. John
Howard doing walks around the Lake Burley Griffin, press conferences,
and lunches with Wen Jiabao, the visiting communist Chinese Premier. In
Sydney the NSW Premier avoided the state funeral of Pro Hart so he
could scramble to Sydney airport for a brief audience with the visiting
Chinese leader.

Afterwards he held a press conference which allowed no questions and
Australian print and radio journalists were denied access. It
appears that the visiting Chinese media might have been allowed in.
Newspapers were filled with columnists writing of the wonders of
Australia’s great new relationship with China.

But the historical critics of communists – the Right – have been missing in action.

Where was Gerard Henderson? Where was Michael Duffy? These right wing
warriors who normally like to rail against the left. Piers
Akerman or Janet Albrechtsen or Greg Sheridan? The biggest
left wing party in town for some time – the rulers of the biggest
communist regime in history – and not a squeak from these normally
outspoken critics.