There is an article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald: “Police Secret Password blunder“.
Using details from the article, such as a Google search for
“crunchymaggots”, it is trivial to find the leak. I don’t think it was
appropriate for the Herald to publish details demonstrating how
to access over 700 private police database records. FYI, a Google search will reveal links to most of the database. I
put all of this together using basic search engine knowledge and the
details in the article.

Mark Latham’s complaint about the
fragmentation and factionalism of the ALP is nowhere better
demonstrated than in the ACT where the nine Labor members in the 17
seat Legislative Assembly will meet this afternoon to fill a
ministerial vacancy and also elect a new Deputy Chief Minister. The
tiny Caucus is itself divided four ways between the Right Coalition
(3), Right Unity (1) and Left (4) with the Chief Minister Jon Stanhope
the only non-aligned member. The Right Coalition is likely to get the
cabinet vacancy left by the retirement of former Treasurer Ted Quinlan,
and it will probably go to the new member elected in his place, Andrew
Barr. The right might normally expect to inherit the vacant deputy’s
post, which was held by Quinlan, but the split in its ranks seems
likely to deliver it to the Left’s Katy Gallagher. One Labor member
said last night the factional arrangements were unpredictable. “Once you
always knew how people would vote, but you don’t any more, and deals
will be done.”