Kerr writes:

The harsh
regime in Camp Costello:
How ethical is Peter Costello,
Stephen Mayne asked yesterday. Talk to some of his opponents in Victoria. They’d offer a full and frank, if
jaundiced view – but they may have some decent points to make. The Treasurer
ruthlessly exercises his power and appoints only those who are personally loyal
to him – Graeme Samuel at the ACC, previously a member of the party in the
Higgins electorate, is as much an example as Julian Sheezel at the Victorian
Liberal Party secretariat. Costello has a take no prisoners style. The harsh
regime at Camp Costello might be one of the reasons why
he’s way off the numbers needed to challenge for the job he so desperately
wants. Most of his backers are draftees from Victoria. And perhaps even the public have
sensed this – why voters are quite happy to keep the Treasurer as Treasurer and
leave it at that.

The next IR stoush: First Cowra, and now Crikey hears a sub-editor at The Mercury newspaper
is alleging his employer has refused to promote him because of his union

Tasman trouble:
Is there a war between our Prime Minister and chief Kiwi Helen
Clark that’s going unreported? Last year when John Howard refused to sign up to
the Asian non aggression treaty, Clark left him stranded by getting on board. Then
there was the matter of the Anzac service. And while our PM was very prominent
at the Commonwealth Games, Clark
couldn’t be bothered with the short flight to Melbourne.

About all
they can manage:
An email promoting the SA Liberal footy tipping competition
reaches Crikey. “For those joining the competition for the first time, please
go to the above web page, register, and then click on competitions and then
select ‘search for your competition’ which is creatively called ‘SA Parliamentary
Liberal Party’. The password is ‘snacksrun’, which keen observers might note
happens to be an anagram of Rann sucks…” A very creative, capable and
imaginative lot there.