If he is finally sent to trial, will Gordon Wood squeal? And if he does, who will be implicated?

Not Rene Rivkin, of course, he’s dearly departed. But what about the
other high-profile players in the Offset Alpine affair. People like
former federal Minister Graham Richardson, former Packer honcho Trevor
Kennedy, former FAI boss Rodney Adler. And perhaps the group of
investors and “mates” who ended up with Offset Alpine shares, including
some household names.

Wood is due back in a London court later today. One point of interest
will be the quality of his legal representation and the extent to which
he still has “protection” and support in Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald was having a good old gloat yesterday – “We find model’s accused killer”, and so too was the Fin Review, which has done more than anyone to advance public understanding of this messy case.

was even tarting around vision of Gordon Wood yesterday with TV stations
in Sydney (a venture into the grubby world of chequebook journalism for
the holier-than-though SMH?). A deal was done with Nine News – “cooperative” was how Nine News Director, Tony Ritchie described it – and there was the SMH with its logo in a TV news story.

NSW Police have to extradite Wood back to Sydney. It’s to be hoped that
the case against him is strong because according to the smug SMH
today, it took the Director of Public Prosecutions two years to give the
thumbs up for a murder charge to be made against Wood over the death of
his girlfriend, Caroline Byrne in 1995.

When he is here, NSW
Police will have priority over the Feds and ASIC, so when will he be
quizzed by the feds about Offset Alpine, the 1993 fire, the various
trips by the late Rene Rivkin to London and Switzerland and the
involvement of all those interesting people?

In particular, many people are asking, how far will Wood go in trying
to plea bargain away the murder charge over Caroline Byrne’s death in
exchange for information?