The Public Service Association has approached NSW Premier’s Department over
their concerns of Minister Dianne Beamer standing down her official driver and
handing the duties over to her Media Advisor, Steve Adams.

The Union considersit outrageous that non-union workers are being used to
replace their members in order to avoid payment of award entitlements. The PSA
might well ask why a Labor Minister, who boasts membership in the Transport
Workers Union, undermines her own driver’s position? It would also be prudent of
the Government to be asking why one of its senior advisors can find no reason to
advise against, but instead actively participates in what unions consider to be
“scab labour”? Beamer appears to be the lone voice within Labor prepared to
commend the flexibility of Howard’s new industrial relations landscape, for her
actions ostensibly belie her party’s rhetoric on the subject.

The union however, is proceeding under the assumption this is purely an
industrial matter. They are seemingly unaware of the carnal relationship that
exists between Beamer and Adams, as recently confirmed by the staff at one of
their frequented hotels in Sydney.

The displacement of the driver affords them greater privacy and plausible
circumstance for Adams to attend on the Minister at home. We have failed to find
any logical alternative explanation as to why a media advisor would even want to
moonlight as a government driver.

The Minister is one of the keenest regional tourers in Cabinet, but how much
of the motivation for this, stems from the fact that such visits always require
overnight accommodation in the company of Steve Adams? The Ministers
Departmental Officers well know the wrath of her Media Advisor if they are
unable to furnish even the slightest pretext for at least 2 regional visits per

Conversely, our investigation of the 11 Fair Trading and Consumer Tribunal
locations listed in the Sydney Directory, revealed that the Minister has thus
far only managed to once visit the Department’s Head Office and Penrith.

They take 2 days to announce a regional office has been redecorated, but
unable to find 2 hours to visit Hurstville. It seemed impossible to arrange an
event in Tweed Heads that allowed passage on any of 44 flights per day between
Mascot and Coolangatta airports. Yet from all accounts, they did manage to
arrange an all expenses paid romantic Valentines Day celebration of wining,
dining and dancing at a Gold Coast Resort the night prior. Is it the lack of
resorts in Blacktown or Liverpool that keeps the Minister at bay?

It is doubtful the union will be able to save the driver’s position.
Qualification and experience will be weighed against the Hotel Chain loyalty
card of the Media Advisor. So in balance, the Minister must choose between
workplace relations and her workplace relationships.