Kerr writes:

Is anyone else going to follow this example? Senator Andrew Murray is
now offering an analysis of political donations in his state on his website here.

How does Australia actually “enforce” a nuclear deal
I mean if it really comes down to it. How do we actually enforce it?
Avoid visiting Taiwan?

Our East German sports system got an airing in The Age over the weekend.
“Sporting glory from the public purse
is an Australian tradition”, Jo Chandler wrote.
“The back-of-the-envelope calculation (money spent on elite sport divided by
the 84 medals bagged in Melbourne) puts the price tag for Commonwealth gold at
about a million taxpayer dollars a pop, plus whatever sponsorship and savings
the winners scraped together to support their efforts. It’s small change
compared with Olympic gold, where Australian anthems are priced at a whopping
$40 million per rendition, according to a University of South Australia study.” Except this isn’t new. It
comes from our dismal showing at Munich in 1972 – thirteenth in the marathon
was our best athletics placing – and the one silver and four bronze medals we
slunk home with after Montreal four years later. Sport might encourage health –
but $40 million buys you a good chunk of hospital.

Recipe of the Day. Do we want more mines? If we’re talking Mines Frire, then bring it on.

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