A Roy Morgan phone poll has found that
while the broadcast of the Commonwealth Games was successful in
Victoria it failed to attract the nationwide audiences it deserved.

According to the poll, the Opening Ceremony was a hit in Victoria
with 72% of people tuning in. But the rest of Australia was
fairly nonplussed. Only 53%
watched in South Australia and Queensland,
55% in Tasmania, 45% in NSW, and
43% in Western Australia.

And the show wasn’t popular with the nation’s youth – only 39% of those aged 18-24 and 41% of
those aged 14-17 watched the Opening Ceremony. Significantly, many of those in
these age groups watched the Opening Ceremony for a few minutes. And results were much the same for the closing ceremony.

“This was a missed opportunity for Melbourne and for Australia
as a whole”, says Gary Morgan. “Organisers failed to market the Games to key demographics with
audiences particularly outside of Victoria:
unfortunate as many millions of dollars were spent on spectacular Opening and
Closing Ceremonies.”