Kerr writes:

Spotted at Jimmy Watson’s wine bar in Lygon Street on Saturday sipping refreshments
with one of the admirers who have made her the punters’ pick to lead the ALP
the ever popular Julia Gillard. Perhaps she was acting on Miranda Devine’s

It’s not online, so we need to share this snippet from Alex
Mitchell and Kerry-Anne Walsh’s Naked Eye column in the Sun-Herald: “From
Page 1 of The Sydney Morning Herald, December 6, 1990: ‘Seven Australian
hostages will be released in Baghdad today after the Iraqi President, Saddam
Hussein, bowed to pressure from four private missions. It is believed that four
Australian Wheat Board representatives head the list, the result of
negotiations last week between the board’s chairman, Clinton Condon, and the
Iraqi Minister for Trade, Mohammed Mehdi Saleh. The four grain representatives
were helping install a loading facility at Umqasr when detained by Iraqi
authorities on August 2, the day Saddam’s forces invaded Kuwait.’”

Police in the ACT have been under massive political pressure over their
conduct in a high speed chase in the Canberra CBD last year that led to the hit
and run death of university student Clea Rose. Tony Kevin has wrapped the case
for New Matilda
– and now, so The RiotACT reports, the polling on the plod is happening in the national capital.

Bonking Boris.
Gorgeous George Galloway may have escaped the clutches of the
fake sheikh
but The News of the World has caught the World’s Favourite Tory on the job.

Your choice (take two). We had some trouble with the link
in this item on Friday so here it is again: What do you consider a
worthy cause? What’s money well spent? Now you can click and compare
what happens with donations to the Sussex Street machine or Oxfam.

Recipe of the Day.
With all the diplomatic to-and-froing over yellow cake making delegates hungry, Australians can show the Chinese our Asian know-how with a bowl of Chow Mein.

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