The demise of the Democrats in its homeland of South Australia is
now official and it didn’t go down without a bit of a dummy spit from leader
Sandra Knack.

The poll for the state’s upper house was
declared today with the Greens taking the 11th and final seat.
Democrat Kate Reynolds has lost out to Greens candidate Mark Parnell.

The final tally saw the ALP win four seats,
the Liberals three, Family First candidate Dennis Hood won the party’s second
upper house seat while No Pokies MP Nick Xenophon will be joined by his chosen
colleague Anne Bressington to give his movement two seats.

At the declaration of the poll, Democrats
leader, or rather rep, Sandra Knack made a very pointed remark that
Anne Bressington rode in on the coat tails of Xenophon and got only 28
first preference votes. However, she didn’t point out that Nick Xenophon got
well above quota with 190,000 first preference votes while the Democrats
scored less than 10% of that with 16,000.

But now, as the parties/members stand, it’s
an interesting situation with Knack’s one vote potentially having a final say.

The ALP now has eight seats in the Upper
House, Liberals also eight, Xenophon’s No Pokies and Family First two each and one each to the Greens and Democrats.

There’s two more changes in personnel
though. The Liberals have to replace Angus Redford
who resigned to unsuccessfully sit for the lower house and the Labor Party must
replace Terry Roberts who died recently.