The rapidly expanding list
of unionists who crossed to the dark side has attracted plenty of
attention from bruvvas keen to out their turncoat former colleagues.

Even the hard-left MUA has had their sell-outs, such as Brad George who is now with the newly established offshore manning agency Offshore Marine Services.

However, there is still some debate about people who take up management
roles with a Labor government or not-for-profits which aren’t
particularly motivated to screw their workers. For instance, Joe
Ceritelli left the Victorian branch of the SDA and is now in HR with
the Catholic Education Office. He’s probably just a dedicated Catholic
rather than someone cashing in from all his union knowledge.

We’ve also discovered another unionist who finished up as a Liberal MP.
Victorian Andrew Brideson once headed both the Teachers Association of
Australia and the Victorian Affiliated Teachers Federation but he was
part of the 1992 Kennett landslide and will bow out at this year’s
state election.

Someone even nominated The Australian’s foreign editor Greg
Sheridan who went from being union official for the SDA in the 1970s to
someone who slavishly pushes the Rupert Murdoch Republican line for his

We’ve also cleared up the union history of Steve Harker, the CEO of
Morgan Stanley Australia. He was a researcher for the Federated Ironworkers
Association in the late 70s early 80s who was known in Young Labor
circles as Hitler Youth Harker because of his right wing views and
Aryan appearance.

Someone else nominated Wendy McCarthy, who set up the Women’s Electoral
Lobby and then in “retirement” accepted a fee-paying seat on the board of
Star City Casino.

Even the MEAA has produced the odd turncoat, namely former NSW state
secretary Michelle Hryce who is now running HR for Sydney Ferries,
although once again, at least it’s a Labor Government which is
ultimately 50% controlled by the NSW Labor Council.

Once again, check out the full expanded list here and let’s try to crack 100 names with all corrections and additions to [email protected]