The result of the Tasmanian election is the same as before, with Labor
returned with 14 seats, the Liberal with 7 and the Greens with 4.
(The fifth seat in Lyons has yet to finalised but the Greens’ Tim
Morris is ahead).

As predicted by Crikey yesterday – and contrary to other media outlets –
the Greens’ Kim Booth won the fifth seat in Bass, beating Labor
newcomer Steve Reissig by 136 votes, thanks to Liberal
preferences. This means the Greens retain all important party status.
In Franklin, Education Minister Paula Wriedt has staved off a strong
challenge from Liberal newcomer Vanessa Goodwin to win the fifth seat.
But a big drop in in her personal vote could result in a lesser Cabinet

There are only two new faces in the Parliament, both Labor. In
Denison, Lisa Singh replaces outgoing Attorney General Judy
Jackson, who retired after 20 years, and in Bass, Michelle O’Byrne
replaces former Miss Australia, Labor’s Kathryn Hay, who did not
recontest her seat after only one term. O’Byrne was dumped as the
Federal Labor member for Bass in the last Federal election, but won a
huge personal vote in the same electorate in the March 18 state