Crikey has literally produced hundreds of lists over the past six years
but one of my all-time favourites was the long list of former union
officials who had crossed to the other side to join big companies or
take on a senior management role.

Many unionists are up in arms about Hugh Armstrong, the 29 year veteran of unions or workplace compensation,
for accepting a position on John Howard’s Fair Pay Commission, which is expected to take a tough line on the minimum wage.

However, Hugh is just the latest in a long line as you can see from our
which includes more than 50 names that were supplied in 2002 and
2003. Sure, some of it will be a little dated so please send through
any corrections or additions to [email protected]

Here are a few of the more notable examples:

Simon Billing: WA Branch BLF to NSW Branch of Australian Mines and Metals
Association (representing Rio Tinto and the like).

Gary Collis: former SA State Sec with ASE/FIMEE, then Liberal appointed
Employee Advocate for SA.

Mike Coonan: from AWU to blue-blood
legal firm Freehills.

Graham Gosling: from national official of CEPU, to senior executive
with Thiess.

Peter Marsh: from the ACTU to Qantas.

John Henderson: from AMWU firebrand to Adecco.

Dave Higgon:
NSW BWIU to Multiplex.

Paul Houlihan:

from the Federated Clerks Union to Reith henchman on the waterfront.

Heinz Lepahe: former AWU official to the Australian
Industry Group.

Chris McArdle: NSW
Labor Council to solicitor with KPMG legal advising employers on anti-union

from Trades Hall Council industrial officer to Transfield’s
national HR manager.

Ann Sherry: from Victorian Public Sector
Union to CEO Bank of Melbourne and Group Executive for Westpac.

former ASU national executive president, to Victorian Department
of Human Services as an IR consultant.

John Tolley:
federal industrial officer for the Printing and Kindred Industries Union, who
went to work as HR manager for Lindsay Fox, then joined the Industrial Relations Commission.

John Van Camp:
CFMEU-FEDFA state secretary to Grocon Industrial Manager.

Tony Wilk: CFMEU to General Manager
Development, Adsteam Marine.

Jim Young: former Secretary of Victoria’s Public Service Union, then KPMG, then boss of Global Employee Relations at NAB.