Christian Kerr writes:

their future.
What were all those maps doing on two NSW Labor backbenchers’
desks during Question Time? Were they plotting an escape? The opposite is true.
They want to stay. It’s terrifying when a redistribution abolishes your seat.

North Shore shuffle. Long standing Manly state electoral
conference president and councillor Jean Hay is not recontesting her position.
Did she get a hard push from the Right? A sign of more manoeuvring before next
year’s state election. A Right challenge seems to be on in Hornsby – although just who’ll do the
deed seems to be causing disagreements. And it seems that Hornsby is happening because the Left
looks safer in Epping. Fun and games all round – unless head office intervenes
in Hornsby over fears sitting MP Judy Hopwood may run as an independent.

“Come any closer and I’ll pull the trigger!” That seems to be the NSW
Nats’ response to Liberal overtures in the lead up the state election. Why are
they so sensitive? Haven’t the NSW Libs given away almost all their country
seats? Are they still upset that Liberal Sussan Ley won Farrer in the free for
all when Tim Fischer retired? When you have nowhere
to go like the Nats, clearly even friends look like enemies.

as usual in WA.
Everything settled down again in the WA Libs after last week’s
events? Err… Former MP Bernie Masters begs to differ.

New job.
Does Santo Santoro have a new job? No, not his role
as Minister for Ageing, but doing
numbers for Alexander Downer. Crikey understands Santoro managed to balance a
visit to Melbourne to inspect nursing homes in the
marginal of Isaacs with a dinner with Josh Frydenberg.

like bananas.
Strangely missing from the PM’s website is an amusing interview
from yesterday morning with Alan Jones. The poor old PM could scarcely
get a word in as our feathered friend pushed populist pap and an ever mounting
list of demands about what to do in the wake of Cyclone Larry – stuff like a
scheme guaranteeing everyone in the district the income they earned last year.
We think this means parrots like bananas.

“Workers sacked in three states: Labor” runs a story on AAP this morning. “Workers already had been sacked in Sydney, Melbourne and on
Queensland’s Sunshine Coast since industrial relations laws came into
effect this week, Labor said today”, it goes. Only in three states? Don’t people lose their jobs everyday?
Is this all the labour movement can find?

the tone.
“So while the member for Lalor has been appearing on Australian
, making speeches undermining her leader and going on the front page of a
magazine dressed in a $15,000 outfit – while she has been doing her Cheryl Kernot
impersonations – we have been getting on with the job of delivering better health
services to the Australian people,” Health Minister Tony Abbott said during an
answer on Medicare during Question Time
yesterday. His colleagues were still making Gareth gags well into the next
question. Boys!

Recipe of the Day. With Australians’ bread and butter so apparently under threat from IR changes, make this pudding while it lasts.

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