Journalism 101 with Naomi Robson (who has told the Herald Sun
that she briefly dated “the
supergrass” whom she believed was a successful company executive, but
who turned out to be a convicted fraudster, drug trafficker and key
informant in the Mokbel case):

Lesson 1.
Know when to admit you’ve made a mistake.
“I was duped.”

      Lesson 2.
      Read widely.
      “It was in the last couple of
      years that I discovered through reading the Herald

      and other reports that this person, the person that I supposedly knew,
      had totally misrepresented himself to me and to my friends.”

        Lesson 3.
        Face value = no good. Brochures
        = no guarantee.
        “It’s a warning to everyone
        that you simply can’t take people on face value, even if they are known to your
        friends and have brochures
        to support
        what they do as a job.”

            Lesson 4.
            When in trouble, appeal to the sisterhood.
            “I think it’s fair to say that I’m probably not the only woman to whom
            a man has totally misrepresented himself.”