North Queensland communities hit
by Cyclone Larry have no doubt been touched to receive a personal
message from Queensland Governor, Quentin Bryce. Her Majesty’s
representative to the people of the Sunshine State has taken time out
to write to seven different communities expressing “heartfelt warm
wishes and support at this time of profound loss and hardship”.

surely the people struggling to get life back to normal well understand
time pressure, and won’t mind a bit that the Governor’s busy staff had
time to compose just one message that went out to Atherton, Carins,
Cardwell, Eacham, Herberton, Johnstone and Mareeba.

To make
things even easier for those Larry victims who want to read the message
for themselves on the Governor’s website, they all are on the same
page, arranged alphabetically, here.

is surely a mark of the message’s sincerity that it wasn’t just put
there once, with “ditto for Cairns, Mareeba and the rest” written
underneath it. It really is the small things that matter.