I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the back page of the Daily Tele this morning:

Hand back medals: Clarke
By Jim Wilson
AUSTRALIA athletics legend Ron Clarke has launched a stunning attack on
the women’s 4x400m relay team, telling it to “give back their
Commonwealth Games gold medals”.

Clarke is revered for one of Australia’s most famous displays of
sportsmanship when, in the 1956 Australian 1500m final, he stopped to
help fallen rival John Landy, then went on to win the race.”

I’ve just checked news.com.au and thankfully they’ve now reverted to the normal version of history:

“Clarke, who lit the Olympic Cauldron at the Melbourne Cricket Ground
in 1956, was part of one of the great moments in sportsmanship when
John Landy picked him up after he fell in the national 1500m in the
same year.”