Nick Place
at the Crikey sports desk

Cup run feast.
Australian cricket legend Allan Border
admitted on Fox Sport last night that he would have kept batting if he was Queensland captain
Jimmy Maher yesterday. AB confessed that he would have tried to reach the
magical figure of a first innings total of 1000, saying it was “once in a
generation” stuff. Maher declared the Bulls’ innings closed on 6-900. Maher admitted he had thought about “having
a crack” at 1000, but remained true to his pre-match vow to try and win the
game. Queensland needs eight Victorian wickets today to do so, having only had to
draw to seal the Pura Cup. The Bulls
will have trouble losing from here.

car tragedy.
Two days ago, rookie IndyCar driver and
former motorsport journalist Paul Dana was looking forward to the season’s
start: “I can’t wait to get
started because I want to prove to everyone that I can do the job.” During the warm-up lap
for yesterday’s race, Dana didn’t appear to notice a car had spun to a stop in front
of him. He drove straight into it, at roughly 280 kph, becoming the first Indy
driver killed
in more than three years. Race officials are now investigating
whether his death was the result of a rookie mistake. Yellow lights had come on
around the track, to warn drivers of the spun car, and others had slowed and
even avoided the stopped vehicle, before Dana sped into it.

World Cup uncovers weighty problem.
The 2007 World Cup for one-day cricket has
hit its first snag, with the West Indian tournament organisers concerned that
the Caribbean is suffering a concrete shortage. A month before an ICC delegation is due to
tour the region, to inspect venues and facility development, there’s not enough
pouring going on. Jamaica and Guyana are said to be worst hit by the shortages. Tournament venue
development manager Don Lockerbie said local cricket lovers were being let down
by the Caribbean concrete industry.

in the streets.
American football seems to have toned down
its image since the crazy days of the Dallas Cowboys’ over-excesses. The
biggest story coming out of the States today is that Philadelphia Eagle Dhani
Jones has been arrested for dancing in the street. The 28-year-old has been fined with a
misdemeanour for failing to obey a lawful command after refusing all attempts
to stop boogying in the middle of a street in South Beach, Miami. Police had been called because traffic was
blocked at 2.50am outside the Snatch Rock&Roll Bar and Lounge. Others dancing
with Jones followed police orders to groove their way back to the footpath, but
Jones kept on dancing until he was arrested.