I did but see him: Last time I went into Parliament’s Marble Hall to
watch a world leader enter the building was in 1996 – and Clinton was coming. Only a handful of
people turned out for Tony Blair this morning, and the applause was desultory. Embarrassing.
But even more embarrassing was the applause from a handful of well-wishers for
someone at the back of the official party – our own Labor leader Kim Beazley.
It was, well, as emphatic as Labor’s poll chances.

Liberals learn: Why is an influential
section of the South Australian Liberal Party considering filling a Legislative
Council casual vacancy with former local Australian Hotels Association boss
John Lewis when less than ten days ago No Pokies MLC Nick Xenophon won more that
20 per cent of the state-wide vote? Perhaps they should sit down and read Christopher
Pearson’s excellent little lesson from The Weekend Australian on how “whether the Opposition
learns from its mistakes or is merely destined to repeat them remains to be
seen”. I know which way I’m leaning.

Party supporters: New South Wales Labor supporters were buoyed on
Saturday by a lengthy SMH yarn on how the party is overcoming
the federal factor and hanging on in the lead up to the state poll.
They would have been touched by the photo of MP Karen Palluzano and “local
resident” Noel Guillaume – who, we hope for their sake, isn’t the Noel
Guillaume who just happens to be the father of Prue Guillaume, the
immediate past state secretary Young Labor.

Sydney and the bush: The knives are out for NSW Liberal MP for Davidson
Andrew Humpherson. Last week his executive got rolled. Yesterday Peter
Fitzsimons wrote in the Sun Herald that the feds want him out. Today there’s a
hostile piece in the SMH on land dealings.
Fingers are being pointed at North Sydney MP Joe Hockey, supposedly a mate of
wannabe Jonathon O’Dea. Today’s item is being called a set-up – that all
Humpherson has tried to do is protect the character of Oxford Falls. In colonial days, the area was
known as Bloodwood Gully, thanks to the presence of an abattoir and tannery. Looks
like someone is trying to ensure the blood is Humpherson’s.