Plenty of
Kooyong preselection reading over the weekend about Petro Georgiou and his
challenger, Joshua Frydenberg – and the vote isn’t even until April 23.

fired a few shots off from the grassy knoll,
asking if Alexander Downer’s office were involved in the leaking of
intelligence material back in 2003 to discredit former ONA officer Andrew
Wilkie to conservative caricature Andrew Bolt (hint, hint).

Over in
The Age, Shaun Carney made a statement of the bleeding obvious – that it isn’t that bad an idea fielding
a candidate like Georgiou who can win a few votes from doctors’ wives in an
electorate chokkas with doctors wives.

But it
seems to be being left to Liberal Party insiders to make an equally blatant point.
We’ve just seen Labor suffer so much grief over preselections – and the
question asked “If Bill Shorten is such a good candidate, why is he running for
Maribyrnong, not a marginal?”

If Josh
Frydenberg is such a talent – and given the demographics involved – why isn’t
he lining up in Melbourne Ports? Why isn’t he having a go at Anna Burke’s
marginal Labor seat of Chisholm?
It’s just next to Kooyong. The way Labor are polling at the moment, he could
even think of Isaacs.
Nothing like a view of the Bay from the office window.