Now there’s a bunch of American god-botherers taking aim at the Bloody Hell tourism ads, according to The Terror:

The controversial commercial made its US debut last night in front of 20 million American viewers. But the influential American Family Association, which has more than two million members and leads campaigns against abortion and gay rights, was not amused.

The AFA was upset with the bikini-clad model Lara Bingle’s use of “bloody” and “hell” in the advertisement’s tagline. AFA members are expected to bombard Tourism Australia with emails and phone calls in coming weeks – and to boycott Australia as a holiday destination.

Perhaps the AFA should be looking for degradation closer to home, for example among the script writers churning out the Commander in Chief fairytale. I’m beginning to suspect the evil Australian influence might have penetrated the White House, or at least the Speaker’s office.

As you can see in the repeat of this week’s episode tonight, the Donald Sutherland character not only says “bloody hell”, but describes someone as “a wanker”. Sure, Sutherland is a Canadian, but such language sounds positively un-American to me.

Or is he an Australian Tourism sleeper?