Is new South Australian No Pokies MLC Ann
CEO of DrugBeat,
the same as person as the Ann Bressington, “Administrator, Festival of
Light/DrugBeat of South Australia” who appeared before the House of
Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs in Adelaide
on 21 November 2000?

Antony Green’s projections
suggest that the Legislative Council
crossbenches after the weekend election will consist of one Greens, two
Family First and two No Pokies representatives. Perhaps that should
read one Green, two Family First, one No Pokies
– and one member of the political wing of the Festival of Light, Fred Nile’s
Christian Democratic Party.

DrugBeat’s abstinence-based programs have been subject to criticism.
This is misplaced. Individuals who want to stop abusing substances have to stop
using substances – period.

But its board seems slanted. One of its members comes from the
conservative Catholic Southern Cross Bioethics Centre.
Another is the former right wing Liberal MLC Angus Redford, creamed by
a 15% swing to Labor on the weekend when he tried to transfer to the
House of
Assembly seat of Bright.