The South Australian Liberal Party
is a lost cause. Former premier Rob Kerin didn’t lose the 2002 election.
Instead, he drifted to defeat in the days after. It’s been nothing but drift
ever since. He has been unwilling to face, let alone tackle, his party’s

In contrast, Mike Rann has been ruthless.
Ruthless in the deal he struck to grab government and ruthless in the tactics
he has used to consolidate his hold. The Premier has been hungry, focussed –
and lucky.

He’s staying lucky. Rob Kerin is leaving as
leader, but staying in his seat of Frome. Say what? Antony Green’s predictingthat the Liberals will be left with just 14 out 47 seats.

They need a process of renewal – and the
best way of starting this will be by identifying new talent and bringing them
onto the field early in the electoral cycle. They should be doing that as soon
as possible in Frome.

Indulging Kerin is indulging failure.