Kennett backs Georgiou.
Now there’s a surprise.

the efforts of caricature conservatives like Andrew Bolt to make Georgiou look
like some limp left caricature, people seem to forget Georgiou was the man
behind one of the toughest, hardest-hitting campaigns this country has ever
seen – “The Guilty Party” campaign run against Joan Kirner and her incompetents
back in 1992. And the beneficiary of this effort? One J G Kennett.

As for
the news that Georgiou has the support of “party elder
statesman Tony Staley”, well, either I’m becoming a crusty old fart or journos
are too young – and I don’t fancy the first.

Staley talent-spotted the young Georgiou back
in the seventies when he was a tough, hard-hitting so-and-so wielding the knife
on behalf of a ruthless opposition leader called Malcolm Fraser.

No wonder Kennett says of Georgiou: “He is
the definition of what Liberalism is all about.”