Christian Kerr writes:

Wonks rejoice! We’ll finally see Antony Green impersonating seventies
prog-rocker Rick Wakeman
tomorrow night as he plays two elections at once.

Two more possible contenders for Andrew Tink’s NSW Liberal seat of
Epping; Hornsby Mayor and former Jackie Kelly staffer Nick Berman and
councillor Felicity Findlay.

Log onto webcam of yampy South Australian independent MP and Legislative
Council candidate Peter Lewis, listen to
his campaign song and you’ll be scared – as scared as a duck in a log.

A last word from the Democrats. It’s
Festival time in Adelaide, and Democrat campaign poet David Winderlich and his muse went
along to Writers Week:

The writers have
flooded the tents
With wit, warmth
(and yes – some pretence).
While slick
Cook up sleazy
To grease
artless pollies’ ascents.

Ah yes. We campaign in poetry but we govern
in prose.

Recipe of the Day.
With Condi in town talking Chinese power, today’s recipe writes itself.

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