And they’re off .. The Commonwealth Games began last night,
and a ‘fun-bloody-time’ was had by all, says The Oz. However, the spectacle left the audience as nonplussed as inspired,
writes Greg Baum in The Age. And drugs
paraphernalia have been discovered in a room previously occupied by a member of
the Australian weight-lifting team, reports The

Meanwhile Condoleezza Rice begins her first official visit
to Australia
today with security talks in Sydney,
reports The SMH.

And “Games go off with a bang” says the Daily Tele, before reporting on the truly interesting discovery
that red-hot chillies contain an ingredient that drives prostate cancer cells
to kill themselves.

John Howard has said it’s unlikely Australia
will become a republic while the Queen is on the throne, though after that –
who knows? reports The Age.

“Magical Games set hearts afire” leads the Herald Sun, followed by the escaped
prisoner who used a bus, a bicycle and two stolen cars to try and evade police
in Melbourne yesterday.

The Courier Mail reports
that the cycling industry is angry over having to subsidise Queensland
Transports plans to get more people on bikes.

Canberra could become a key player in the development of bio-defence
and other biotechnology, including GM crops, reports The Canberra Times.

No-one’s won it yet –the SA Labour party have been given a reality check after polls suggest they’re
in danger of losing some key seats, reports The

And in other election news, the Greens have called for
Liberal and Labour to declare exactly where they stand on gay, lesbian, bisexual
and transgender issues after the Exclusive Brethren’s smear campaign against the
Greens, reports The Mercury.

Unions fear that the flood of migrants on temporary working visas
into WA will create a culture of slave labour, reports The West Australian.

Gangs of teenage girls are roaming Territory shopping
centres, terrorising staff and stealing, reports The NT News.