Crikey reporter Sophie Black writes:

Last year we ran a story about News Ltd security guard
Devandar Naidu, who was subjected to systematic bullying at the hands of his boss and as a result is
unable to work for the rest
of his life.
In a damning indictment of News Ltd culture, yesterday the NSW Supreme Court awarded Naidu $1.9m for the “relentless, brutal bullying” that left him incapable of working again.

abuse of Mr Naidu, who worked for News Ltd in Sydney during the 1990s, at the hands of News Ltd’s security and fire manager,
Lance Chaloner, was described as extraordinary by Justice Michael Adams.

According to today’s SMH report, Justice Adams said the most extreme behaviour exhibited by Mr Chaloner was
during a strike in 1993, when the guards were required to live on the
premises of Cumberland newspapers.

News Ltd will share the damages with Group 4 Securitas Pty Ltd
which employed Mr Naidu. “I hope this judgement will finally encourage
News Ltd to treat human beings with the respect they deserve,” Naidu’s lawyer Shaun
McCarthy said.