It’s all about the media today. Media ownership, that is. The
biggest shake-up of the industry in 20 years
will send media moguls racing to bulk
up their businesses with radio, newspaper and television acquisitions, reports
The Oz. And, as Opposition communications spokesman Stephen Conroy says,
not good for democracy and that’s not good for diversity of opinion”.

It may be good for media investors though – Fairfax, Southern
Cross Broadcasting, Ten Network and Rural Press stocks all rose after
government’s proposals were unveiled yesterday, reportsThe Age. But apparently the “end of the mogul is nigh” – at least according
to Rupert Murdoch, who compares today’s internet pioneers to explorers like
Christopher Columbus, says The SMH.

Meanwhile, two Australian teachers have been briefly
in the Gaza strip by
Palestinian gunmen, reports The SMH.

And cockatoos serenaded the Queen and Prince Philip in the
grounds of Government House yesterday, reports The Daily Tele. They screeched
while the royal couple planted eucalyptus and met the heroes of the 2003

And the rich in Australia
are getting, well, richer, according to The Age, with 9% of the national income
going to the wealthiest 1% of the population.

Yes, the Commonwealth Games open tonight – and The Hez leads
with an article on just how ready Melbourne
, before reporting that a defiant Kim Beazley has vowed to lead the ALP to
the 2007 election.

The Canberra Times also reports on the Queen’s activities yesterday, including an address at a
dinner held last night in which she pointed out, among other things, that there
is still much to be done for indigenous people in Australia.

A former Liberal education minister has found himself in a
Labor advertising campaign saying that his party couldn’t live up to all its
election promises, reports The

No surprises here. The Tasmanian Greens have released their forestry
– they say it will protect the forests and forestry workers say the “flawed”
plan will cost thousands of jobs, reports The Mercury.

Sacking Sue Walker won’t get rid of Matt Birney’s problems –
senior Liberal Party MPs warn there’s
more trouble ahead, reportsThe West.

Holden will recall 124,000 cars because their airbags keep
going off when the cars are stationary, reports The NT News.