The reason the Australian Government kept Singapore
out of the Los Angeles run was a trade off with Qantas. The government wants to keep the heavy maintenance
on air planes in Australia. Qantas wanted to send the heavy maintenance work on
its engines to China. After all, Qantas would become the defence force
transport squadron in the event of any enemy problems. It is no good having the
expertise in China in those circumstances. Qantas was told to hold the heavy maintenance in
Australia and Singapore Airlines will be kept off your AL line.

In NSW, leases must be registered with the Land Titles Office within three months of being signed.
They are then publicly available
for a small fee over the counter in the Land Titles Office. This is a great
help for prospective tenants at major shopping centres who can see the true
rents being paid by shop owners, rather than the claims by the centre owners’
leasing agents. Somehow Westfield Bondi Junction, which opened 20 months ago, doesn’t
appear to have a single registered tenant judging by the fact that not
one lease was available for inspection at the Land Titles Office this
morning. How does Westfield manage to circumvent this regulation?

What was ANZ doing in the Melbourne CBD this yesterday handing out Commonwealth-Games-blue
reusable shopping bags with their logo on it? As far as I can tell NAB paid the
big money for the sponsorship.