Nine’s on the nose. Having been on the end of complaints
and moans from the Networks when I bag them or write things they claim to be untrue, I wonder
if they have monstered Sydney-based media analyst
Steve Allen over certain things he said in a story in Brisbane’s Courier-Mail earlier this week? “It
will be a disaster for Nine if they do not win the two
weeks of the Commonwealth Games,” said Allen, of Fusion
Strategy., in the story. “Even they have said they need to win these two weeks and they have
set themselves and the market up for the expectation they will do very well.” Mr Allen said
all Nine’s key changes for 2006 – Tracy Grimshaw
hosting A Current Affair, Jessica
Rowe at Today, Clever on Sunday night and Bert’s Family Feud – had failed. “Bert
(Newton) is a
waste of space,” he said. “Also, if I have to watch Magda Szubanski’s Magda’s Funny Bits one more time I will throw up.
It is truly an embarrassment. Kerry Packer would be turning in his grave.”
Allen said
Nine should perform major surgery on its programming.
“However, given their lack of
responsiveness so far to the ratings, I don’t think this will happen,” he
said. The reason why I reckon that
the reaction from Nine will be muted is because Steve
Allen carries more clout than me. He is a media strategist and deals with media
groups, buyers and advertisers, people who buy and spend time on Nine in the others. He
quite often says what his clients and business contacts are saying to
him. Nine is on the nose; last night
Magda’s Funny Bits attracted only 645,000 people,
Bert’s Family Feud, 475,000. On Sunday Clever moved back over the million viewer
mark in the 6.30pm timeslot – OK, but not a winning audience
level. The
Today Show is being beaten by Sunrise and co-host Jessica Rowe has been told
to get rid of her inane giggling, which is about
time. And
Nine News and A Current Affair, its heart and soul of the evening ratings
period, continues to underperform. Steve Allen is right. What does Nine say to his criticism? – Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV

The Winners Tuesday and it was Seven’s night as Nine ran dead ahead
of the Games extravaganza. Nine ran repeats of CSI New York and CSI from 8.30pm
to 10.30pm allowing Seven to completely dominate the night. Ten also lost
ground while the ABC and SBS picked up ground. Dancing With The Stars with 2.27
million viewers dominated, followed by Today Tonight (1.476 million), All Saints
(1.460 million) and then Seven News with 1.421 million). Nine News was Nine’s
best with 1.216 million. Ten’s best was The Biggest Loser with 1.11 million. ABC
News was its best with 1.023 million. SBS’s best was Tranquillity Bay
(314,000), a story on helping change troubled kids from the US, a sort of Boot
The Losers Losers? Nine’s Magda’s Funny Bits, 645,000. Will it
return after the Games? I hope not and so do most available viewers. Bert’s
Family Feud
. A week ago was its post-debut peak of 535,000, last night 60,000
lower at 475,000. Can anything help it and Temptation (907,000 and fourth place
last night)? A makeover at Grundys from a freelance producer, Tony Skinner. Will
that help? Anything is worth trying. Ten was low apart from The Biggest Loser.
Dancing With The Stars just snaps up viewers.
News & CA Not the best of nights last night for Nine in the News
and current affairs hour from 6pm to 7pm. Nine News and A Current Affair were
beaten soundly by Seven News and Today Tonight, everywhere. ACA with 1.047
million was more than 400,000 behind TT. Yes, Deal or No Deal (804,000)
outpointed Family Feud, but why was there a 170,000 turn-off from Nine News to
ACA, a turn off that was strongest in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the heart
of the Nine Network. Today Tonight does a better line of pap than ACA? 7.30 Report shed 280,000 viewers (742,000) from the 7pm ABC news (1.023 million), so
maybe there’s a disease affecting some current affairs programs. There was a
small turn-on from Seven News to TT.
The Stats Seven with 40.3% (38.3% the previous Tuesday), Nine with
21.2% (23.6%), Ten with 19.9%(20.9%) the ABC with 13.5%(12.6%) and SBS with 5.1%
Glenn Dyer’s comments Nine just ran dead because it knows Tuesday nights
are forgone conclusions at the moment. It should have a better line-up in a
fortnight, hopefully. Seven is running dead from tonight with Lost and Prison
out of the schedule and Dancing With The Stars next Tuesday is a pastiche
of highlights. A new Desperate Housewives will be going to air next Monday
night. There will also be a new Commander in Chief while House tonight on Ten is
a repeat. Little Britain, Spicks and Specks and The Glass House are my viewing
options tonight, with the occasional glance at Nine and the Games opening. Did
you know that Kylie Minogue was the original choice to be the star turn at the
opening, and the organisers kept the gig open for as long as possible, before
being forced to snap up Dame Kiri
Te Kanawa?