For a party that’s been going on and on about teachers and education standards, the South Australian Libs still haven’t learned their lesson. Yet another spelling debacle has emerged.

Earlier this week, their TV ad had to be withdrawn after it was discovered that the name of the Labor Party had been spelled incorrectly (they put Labour – the old English version).

Party spin doctors are trying salvage some sort of credibility by saying that it was the correct spelling but the Labor Party uses the American style. They blame the mistake on being rushed by TV news stations who wanted to see the ad. So before anyone in the office viewed it, copies were handed out to the news services.

Now, another spelling problem has cost them money and valuable time with the election only a few days away.

Tens of thousands (and that’s a conservative estimate) of pamphlets had to be shredded after it was discovered that the word JAIL had been written as BAIL.

Senior Libs are furious at the waste of money for this seriously cash-strapped party. Haven’t these people heard of Microsoft’s spelling and grammar checks?

Meanwhile, we’ve been trying to get our hands on a copy, but I guess the saving grace for the Libs is that they did manage to check the pamphlet before it was handed out – just not before it was printed.

Remember four years ago, when Rob Kerin’s first campaign policy was handed out they spelled his name wrongly. They wrote RON KERIN but didn’t discover the boo boo until after they started handing it out to the media during a news conference.