University and TAFE colleges these days aren’t the places to go if you want to get “job ready,” reports The Oz today. The Business Council of Australia has accused
universities of stifling the “culture of entrepreneurship,” producing
graduates without adequate problem-solving skills.

And excitement’s building for the Commonwealth Games. QEII is here and John
Howard is bunking down in Melbourne, where he was yesterday mobbed by
excited athletes, says the paper.

Another airline goes the way of Compass. Less than four months after its launch, plans by the business
class airline OzJet to become the third domestic airline have
failed, says The SMH with the airline cancelling flights between Sydney and Melbourne at
8pm last night.

If you paid $200 plus for your opening ticket to the Comm Games extravaganza, you
might be spewing that organisers have now been forced to give away
5,000 tickets valued at
$2.5 million to ensure a full house for Wednesday night’s opening ceremony at the MCG, says The Age.

Say it ain’t so. Treasurer Peter Costello has revealed, in an
exclusive interview with theHerald Sun, that he now realises the tax
system is not perfect and is in need of reform. As part of those reforms, parents could be given substantial tax breaks
to help them educate and raise their children.

“Woman’s bizarre death plunge,” leads The Daily Teletoday. A young woman,
wheelchair-bound only since Christmas, has plunged to her death in
mysterious circumstances while picnicking alone with a male friend at a
Blue Mountains beauty spot.

A website redesign at The Courier-Mail, and the news that six minutes from the centre of Brisbane to Airport Drive is the promise of Queensland’s newest and most ambitious road
tunnel system to be unveiled today.

In Western Australia,
one of the State’s staunchest supporters of Aboriginal rights has
backed the town of Halls Creek’s call for at-risk children to be
forcibly removed from their parents. WA Aboriginal Legal Service chief
executive Dennis Eggington said desperate times called for desperate

In Adelaide last Friday, AFL star Jason Akermanis finally looked a long-time family
friend in the eyes and called him “Dad” for the first time. The Advertiser has the story.

All’s not rosy on the Apple Isle, says The Mercury. Tasmanian students in their first year of high
school have the lowest writing standards in the nation, says a new
national education report.

In the Northern Territory, police have put the brakes on illegal hoons.