Ask Mr Rann and union officials why they aren’t screaming about
the possibility of the Holden plant at Elizabeth being sold to a
Japanese company, who may or may not continue operations in South
Australia. Consider the cataclysmic effect this would have on the
economy and unemployment, quite apart from losing an icon dearly
beloved by South Australians (and possibly Australians per se).
Remember the outrage at the demise of Balfours and wonder why there is
not a murmur. Could it have to do with an election?

ANZ moving jobs offshore, consumer finance moving all back
office positions to India, yep that includes statements etc, or
inquires. All IT going also Bangalore India. ANZ Merchant Support going
to New Zealand, that’s for Technical support or checking for transaction.
What they haven’t said is that a lot of customer contact jobs are going
to New Zealand. Brian Hartzer gave the Australian public assurances that
none of these jobs would go to Asia (India) but he didn’t say the
Customer service facing roles are going to NZ.

It’s a time honoured tradition for Sun-Herald gossip
writers: get something for free, give the donor a big plug and leave
your editor embarrassed while you defect to the opposition. Ros Reines
did it with her facelift in the 1990s, writing a double page feature
about her surgery when all the while she had already been poached by
rival the Sunday Telegraph. The Sun-Herald looked
foolish again on Sunday when gossip Holly Byrnes wrote a whole page
about the gay wedding in Hawaii of Sydney hairdresser Anthony Nader and
his partner in life and business, David. In gush after gushing par, Ms
Byrnes failed to disclose that Mr Nader is in fact her hairdresser and
teases her tresses for free every week at his Sydney salon. And guess
what? Holly has just announced she is leaving the Sun-Herald and Fairfax for News Limited, to work on the Daily Telegraph’s
gossip pages. No doubt she can have a good old laugh with her new
housemate Ms Reines about using their old title to square up for their

LINKME, the Sensis half owned business, has embarrassingly
forgotten to register the telephone number 1300 LINKME. This is amusing
for a business half owned by a telephone directory, even more so given
the owner of their number is a rival company with very well advanced
plans to leverage this number and name.