The Sunday Age can be forgiven for including in its Commonwealth
Games magazine yesterday such dropouts as Ian Thorpe and Paula Radcliffe, given
the long lead time usually needed for publication of colour mags. But look at the typos and misspellings! After a cursory scan
through, picking only bits here and there, I found:

* Melbourn, not once but three times, on the pp6-7 map.

* Australia’s population (p20 flags) given as 19,822,405. We
passed 20 million in 2003 – three years ago!

* NZ coach Ruth Aitken took over the reigns (van Dyk, p19)

* … a tip of at last 10 per cent (p54)

* Loudy Torky (p57)

This is from idly dipping in, turning pages and reading odd bits
I was interested in. I shudder to think what I might have found had I read the