minds think alike? Both Matt Price
and Glenn Milne referred to a Sydney
talkback caller in their columns yesterday.

“Ian from Cleveland” phoned
in to Brisbane
talkback last week to tell Kim Beazley he was a “creampuff”. The fact that two
journos based in the Canberra Gallery reported his call suggests a transcript
was distributed.

Ian, interestingly, was a “professed unionist”. Does
this mean that the Government’s state-based media monitors drew the call to the
attention of the office of the Minister for Workplace Relations, Kevin Andrews?

After his obsessive and exhaustive cataloguing of the
ins and outs of the factions in Labor’s Victorian division he tabled in
Parliament and released to the Gallery the week before last,
we’re once again left with the impression that the government dirt
unit is alive and well – and in fact flourishing.