It’s all fun and games in the Labor Party. According to Kim
Beazley, Simon Crean begged for a factional deal that would “stitch up” his
preselection, reports The Oz. Labor ministers in Tasmania
and SA are angry that all this federal level bickering is happening ten days before
their state elections are due to take place, says The SMH. And Julia Gillard has
given her leadership ambitions the “kiss of death” by criticising factions,
reports The Courier-Mail.

And then there’s the AWB scandal. The Cole Inquiry heard
yesterday that former AWB managing director Andrew Lindberg, displaying a remarkable lack of
foresight, thought the worst that would happen to AWB would be a “slap on the
” reports The Oz. And Terence Cole will ask the Federal Government to
clarify and possibly expand his powers after they were challenged by AWB
lawyers, reports The Age.

It seems that Qantas is about to provoke the first brawl with
under the new industrial relations laws, reports The SMH.

“The faces of hatred” says The Daily Tele, and there they
are – the photos of 20 men believed to have been involved in the Cronulla riots
that have been released by police in a final attempt to identify and arrest

Nick Minchin has been put in his place over IR, with the PM ruling
out more changes to industrial laws in this term, reports The Age.

ACT Health Minister Simon Corbell has said that plans for
NSW to take over Canberra’s health
system are silly, reportsThe Canberra Times.

And drunk drivers caught in Adelaide
in January may be able to have their convictions overturned because police used
unauthorised cadets to carry out the breath tests, reports The Advertiser.

The Mercury reports
on the dodgy dealings of the Lennon government, and their attempts to smear the
Tasmanian Greens party.

The Mandurah rail workers will be prosecuted for unlawful industrial
action and face heavy fines despite voting yesterday to end the latest strike, says The West Australian.

Researchers in Darwin
have found that saltwater crocodiles don’t like wind, reports the NT News. The
project, which has seen radio transmitters attached to 19 crocodiles is
concentrating on big males “because they eat people.”