This might just be the boys having a lend of me, but the ambos
told me that the big four hospitals in Melbourne will close beds over
the Commonwealth Games. One because the high profile staff got tickets
and two because of the need to look after our o.s. visitors. This means
the peripheral hospitals will have to pick up the chronic patients from
those catchment areas. This is likely to put a hell of a strain on our
community hospitals. It will have the potential to have a huge impact on
the community at large.

Rumour has it that Visy Industrial Packaging have done a
deal to buy Plaspak Packaging Ltd. Seems to be following in the
footsteps of big brother, Visy Board, as it further increases their
in the plastic bottle moulding industry. As a small manufacturer in the
industry it’s obviously a concern to us.

Was that really Lachlan Murdoch at the Harbor Party at the Mardi Gras last weekend? One of his daddy’s minions swears so.