Playing the market is so hot right now. At least that’s the word from the Bruce and Barry blog, which reports this week that Australia’s
Gen Y have adopted gang “hand codes” to signal to their peers the
latest hot stock to invest in.

“Moreover,” say Bruce and Barry, “these stock tips, seen in constantly changing
graffiti all over our cities, can often result in swift and precipitous price
changes – sometimes even faster than the time honoured Australian tradition of a
quiet call from a phone booth from a company director to his stockbroker to put
in a sell order before the accounts are released.”

Here are some to look out for:

Alinta Limited

Its only a small ‘A’ but it could get bigger fast

AWB Limited

Given the Cole Commission, this one is self evident.

Babcock & Brown Limited

Looking strong

Coles Myer Limited

Obvious, but kind of broken at the same time

Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

Difficult to master it requires an extra helping hand but
it’s big

Macquarie Bank Limited

Very self assured

National Australia Bank Limited
A bit confusing and sometimes you wonder what is going on

Publishing & Broadcasting Limited
The classic power salute.
As in “who’s running this country anyway”

Qantas Airways Limited

Elegant even as it trips over itself

Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Party on Dude

Telstra Corporation Limited
Representative of its approach to pay phones

Westpac Banking Corporation
A little bit crazy, makes you wonder what’s going on at the