Look into Caltex. They
keep getting extensions to the clean fuels bill. Excellent news. Did you know that complying with that requirement reduces the capacity of their refineries by 25%, so by not complying they have gained a market advantage over their competitors? Doesn’t seem to be in the news too much so I guess not. And the government keeps on giving them more time because they keep making up stories about how they have overplanned it etc. What crap, they just wanted to keep production as high as possible for as long as possible and they got caught out when they couldn’t finish in time. Mobil shut down there Port Stanvac refinery because they couldn’t meet the clean fuel targets and they have to import more expensive fuel to the new specs. Why should Caltex be any different? Why do Caltex get this cost advantage over their competition?

One of David Tweed’s current targets is OFM Investment Group. The generous Mr Tweed is offering $1.20 for shares that are consistently over $2. Fortunately OFM have written to its shareholders warning them.

A new man at the top in Brian Evans hasn’t changed printing giant PMP. The directive has gone out from Chatswood to all the states to fill capacity at any cost – this after the former Fairfax man promised to boost profit in the second half of this financial year, which is typically the quietest period of the year for web offset printers and major print buyers.